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With Sharedien, you benefit from maximum flexibility.
Thanks to flexible architecture and additional services, you are always up to date


The full content power thanks to integration

Exploit the full potential of your digital assets and work with and on your content elements across systems. For more effective and efficient content processes along the entire information supply chain.

Not integrating means losing time and money:

Sending files to external retouching agencies, PR agencies and external consultants

Receiving product data and digital assets from other companies to make them available on an e-commerce website

Sharing files in real time: forwarding files for approval to different people before publication.

Transmission of packages with print files to printers 

Forwarding files from a DAM to a CMS 

Forwarding data and files from a product database to a DAM

Sharing the latest digital files for product announcements and events

Publishing digital content on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram 

Sharing digital content with potential customers for new features, products and consumer information

Sharing digital files with partners and/or consumers

Everything you need combined in Sharedien

Find, license and purchase images from external platforms such as Shutterstock, Getty Images or Adobe Stock, edit them in your favourite layout software and then share them via Office applications - without ever having to leave Sharedien!


Uncompromisingly flexible

Thanks to its open and modular architecture, Sharedien is absolutely flexible, high-performance, expandable and can be fully integrated into countless technologies and systems. This is made possible by its headless architecture and countless Azure connectors. Sharedien has a very functional event stream, which makes real-time integration effortless. This means that every content element automatically finds its place - without any manual administration effort.

Sharedien grows with its tasks

The cloud-based architecture ensures unlimited scalability without restrictions in availability or security. No matter how much the number of users or assets increases, which geographical coverage is added or which output channels are connected: Sharedien always keeps pace with your growth.



As a cloud-native SaaS solution, we adapt to the needs of our customers: You alone decide which solution path is right for you and your future. Regardless of the implementation, we automatically ensure regular updates.

Safe bydesign

Your digital assets are safe with us - all common security and data protection certificates such as Azure Security, Cloud Security, GDPR and ISOs ensure this. Reliable access controls round off Sharedien's comprehensive security programme.


Tailor-made digital asset management

Unlike many common out-of-the-box solutions, the implementation of Sharedien does not require extensive customising. You can comfortably click together your individual requirements yourself with the help of comprehensive configuration solutions.

Sharedien Migration Services

Sharedien is not only quick and easy to implement - filling the solution with your existing digital assets is also straightforward with our migration services.

Keep up to date with the latest news with Sharedien

From best DAM practice to current industry insights, the Sharedien blog looks at marketing and technology topics.

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    What integration options must a DAM system offer?

    Content creation takes place not only at the workstations of different users, but also in a wide variety of applications such as Microsoft Word or PowerPoint, Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Premiere Pro. Digital asset management systems should therefore have a direct connection to Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Office applications. This way, users do not have to leave the respective applications in order to download the necessary images or videos in the DAM system first.

    The integration of image databases such as Shutterstock, Getty Images or Adobe Stock also contributes to increased efficiency. Users can search for images directly in the DAM system, license them and edit them with their preferred applications. This optimises content processes holistically and saves users a lot of time when creating and editing digital content.

    Why is a headless architecture needed?

    The use of headless architectures is the consequence of the rapidly growing number of end devices and output channels. Today, companies have to publish one and the same content across dozens of channels simultaneously. The decoupling of digital assets from the respective channels such as websites, apps or social media makes it possible to master this challenge efficiently at all.

    What are the advantages of cloud-based digital asset management?

    Cloud-based DAM solutions enable the storage of hundreds of TB, high bandwidth for simultaneous upload and download, and fast access thanks to geographical replication. Cloud-based software has the great advantage that performance always remains high - no matter how many additional users access the system. Even temporarily very high workloads are no problem: cloud technology delivers reliable performance regardless of the intensity of use. Companies with changing workload peaks in particular benefit from such elasticity. At the same time, cloud-based systems are endlessly scalable and thus easily support every growth phase.

    Another advantage is the relief of the IT department. Since topics such as maintenance, installation and updates are taken over by the technology provider, the IT managers have more capacities free to take care of the expansion of the entire IT landscape and the design and implementation of the IT strategy.

    How secure is a cloud-based DAM system?

    Cloud providers today offer very high security and data protection standards, which can be recognised by corresponding certifications such as Azure Security, Cloud Security, GDPR and ISOs. A cloud-based digital asset management system also ensures controlled access from inside and outside with the help of clearly defined user roles and authorisations.

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