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API-first is the consistent answer to the need for data to be available always and everywhere. Omnichannel marketing processes also thrive on unrestricted access to central content. The headless approach of Sharedien detaches the management of content fragments from their design in the various touchpoints.

Focus on the essence of your content

The management of relevant assets such as images, videos and documents as well as product descriptions and other texts used to be the task of the corresponding user interfaces themselves, which also had to take care of the presentation of this content. However, the number of websites, apps, social media channels and online marketplaces is growing rapidly, so this is no longer a viable option for most companies. With its headless architecture, Sharedien therefore offers a central repository for all communication-relevant content that all channels can access at any time. The channels themselves have sovereignty over the individual composition and design of these fragments.


This is how all content fragments find their place

So with a headless architecture, everyone does exactly what they do best. In Sharedien, certain design features can be assigned to the content, which can be interpreted and displayed by the output channels according to their rules. For example, headline hierarchies or image formats can be defined centrally in Sharedien - in the app and on the website, the corresponding image derivatives, font sizes and types are then published in each case, which were defined in advance via the design rules.

Intelligently linked

Sharedien relies on a highly flexible data structure that intelligently links the individual content fragments. Searching and finding images and other content is thus made much easier, allowing staff to focus more on conceptual and creative tasks. For example, if a user searches for a specific campaign, he or she immediately receives all content and information related to this campaign. This shortens internal research to just a few clicks.


Managing was yesterday - today it's all about great content

If all these time-consuming administrative tasks are omitted, it is basically only a matter of carefully selecting the available content for the respective channel. This allows communication to be composed in a way that is appropriate for the target group and channel - even in time-critical situations.

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    Why do we need a headless architecture for digital asset management?

    The use of headless architectures is the consequence of the rapidly growing number of end devices and output channels. Today, companies have to publish one and the same content across dozens of channels simultaneously. The decoupling of digital assets from the respective channels such as websites, apps or social media makes it possible to master this challenge efficiently at all. Thus, Sharedien offers a central repository for all communication-relevant content, which all channels can access at any time.

    What does headless mean in the context of marketing processes?

    The great advantage of a headless architecture in the field of e-commerce and omnichannel marketing is that the management of all digital content is centralised and design features can also be assigned to the content to be published. The interpretation of these design rules in turn falls to the channels themselves, which ultimately present the content according to their requirements. For example, headline hierarchies or image formats can be defined centrally in Sharedien - in the app and on the website, the corresponding image derivatives, font sizes and types are then published, which were defined in advance via the design rules. In this way, publication processes can be automated as far as possible, which not only saves time and money, but also ensures that communication is consistent across all channels.

    What advantages do microservices bring in the context of digital asset management?

    With a headless architecture, microservices can be used as functional extensions and can also be scaled as required as the workload increases - without affecting other functions or performance. This allows companies to design communication measures very flexibly and to go innovative new ways - both in the processing of images, videos or graphics and in the publication of product content.

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