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Product management has the complex task of strategically positioning the corresponding product in the market, helping to shape the marketing concepts accordingly, and to continuously take up developments on the market/ in target groups, adapting the product development accordingly.

Creating the basis for effective marketing

Already when creating the data, it is advantageous to cover the requirements of all output channels identified as relevant - this includes, for example, the management of images and all required derivatives. DAM systems are able to automate this task so that all product images are available in all relevant formats, sizes and sections.

Automated workflows

With the integrated Business Rule Engine, you can easily define and automate your intelligent processes yourself! You don't even need any special prior knowledge - the intuitive operation of the Rule Engine is self-explanatory.


Playingnew markets effectively

If product management identifies new target groups or regions, Sharedien can flexibly adapt the data model accordingly and include new requirements such as additional languages, currencies or legal regulations. The use of alternative images or videos that are adapted to the respective cultural address is also very easy to implement.

Responsibility requires control

The product manager is responsible for positioning the product in the market in the best possible way. In order to be able to achieve this, control over product communication must always be ensured. Central data management creates the necessary conditions for this, prevents the use of outdated content and ensures the consistency of the messages used.


Fast time to market

Time creates competitive advantage - an efficient go-to-market strategy is enormously important for many industries. Sharedien optimally supports the measures thanks to automated processes and intelligent workflows and also ensures particularly effective collaboration with external users such as agencies, photographers or graphic designers with agile collaboration functions.

Powerful editing functions and derivatives

Whether removing backgrounds or creating different versions of the same file, Sharedien helps you streamline your content creation process and frees up your time for strategic tasks thanks to its automation features such as translations for different geographical markets.


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