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Do you need to share high volume of images with agencies or the press? Provide new videos and updated images for websites? Manage dynamic digital assets on an on-going basis? If so, you know that as the number of images, videos and documents grows, so does the complexity and overwhelming frustration of content management. With Sharedien, that doesn’t have to be the case. Sharedien is the intelligent and innovative solution to seamlessly merge digital asset management (DAM) with information content management (ICM) for true media asset management (MAM) that’s intuitive and user-friendly with unbeatable performance.

Say goodbye to unused content, unstructured folder systems, redundant media management and cumbersome processes between departments and agencies. Say hello to an application that provides a shared experience for everyone involved with individual workspaces, simple task management, targeted assignment of rights and roles, and more.

Sharedien is rethinking media asset management with agile workspaces, innovative technology, end-to-end integration and management of all types of content. Explore a demo and see how Sharedien can help you manage digital assets for better business.

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