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Where are which digital assets linked to which information?
Where are they used and in which versions are they available?
With Sharedien you always keep an overview.


Consistent brand communication

Consumers today have very high expectations of product communication - this is especially true for food and care products. Transparency, traceability and sustainability are the pillars of modern marketing and the basis for building a strong brand. A central data management like Sharedien offers is the prerequisite for implementing all measures in a consistent and coordinated manner.

Multi-channel marketing

Websites, apps, online marketplaces, social media - the number of relevant channels is constantly growing and with each new sales opportunity comes new requirements for the digital assets. Sharedien optimally supports marketers in this process, for example by automatically creating suitable derivatives for all output channels.


Content Automation

Making digital assets available for all important channels through transformation processes is one thing - but Sharedien goes even further and also automates the extraction of image and video data for particularly efficient communication processes. This gives managers more time for creativity, strategic orientation and orchestrating their marketing activities.

Perfectly integrated intoany working environment

In order to optimally support all e-commerce and marketing processes now and in the future, Sharedien can be integrated into the existing system landscape without any problems - whether MDM, PIM, ERP, CRM, CMS, apps or social media. But that's not all: central applications such as the Adobe Creative Suite or Microsoft 365 programmes can also be integrated directly into Sharedien; for the best user experience and highly efficient processes in asset processing.


Here's to good cooperation!

The creation of digital assets usually involves many different internal and external users. Product managers, agencies, photographers, freelancers or marketing managers - Sharedien offers secure and controlled access for every type of user and facilitates transparent collaboration on joint projects with smart functions.

Version chaos? Not with Sharedien!

Sharedien brings absolute transparency and clarity to your version controls and easily excludes duplicates. This gives all users the peace of mind that they are working on the right version and that every change is transparently traceable.


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