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Marketing managers benefit particularly strongly from a DAM system,
as the possibilities of product communication essentially depend on the available image, video and presentation material.


No more long searches

Searching for the right digital assets in a decentralised way is not only inefficient - companies also run the risk of valuable material being forgotten or lost. This cannot happen with a DAM system: All media files are centrally and transparently managed and meaningfully linked to each other, so that assets that belong together can also be found quickly.

Automated workflows save time

In addition, intelligent processes such as auto-tagging or the automatic creation of image derivatives take over tedious manual tasks. This allows communication managers to save a lot of time in their daily work and spend more time on strategic and creative tasks. In addition, the risk of errors is minimised, which is a real problem with repetitive activities.


Powerful editing functions and derivatives

Whether removing backgrounds or creating different versions of the same file, Sharedien helps you streamline your content creation process and frees up your time for strategic tasks thanks to its automation features such as translations for different geographical markets.

Easy Omnichannel Marketing

With Sharedien, you can supply all of your output channels simultaneously and publish content in an automated and channel-appropriate way - no matter how many stages you have. This shortens your time-to-market and allows you to react quickly and flexibly to market dynamics. Of course, different target groups, languages, currencies or legal guidelines are also taken into account.


Finally working effectively in a team

Marketing teams not only have the responsibility for publishing communication, but also have to take care of the creation of corresponding content. To do this, they usually work with photographers, agencies, models and freelancers. Sharedien enables cross-company collaboration and, thanks to defined user roles and access rights, also allows external users access to content, editing and commenting functions.

On the safe side under licensing law

Integrated digital rights management keeps an eye on all licensing aspects and enables simple and secure re-licensing of images and videos. In addition, photographers, agencies and models are stored as contacts, which supports the development of good partner relationships.

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