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Successfully marketing complex products globally while building a strong brand is a daunting challenge.
Digital asset management is needed that connects global teams from marketing, sales and product management as well as external users such as photographers or agencies.
photographers or agencies, and to facilitate collaboration with intelligent
intelligent workflows and clear authorisations - across all time zones and national languages.




Carefree scaling

Thanks to its cloud-based architecture, Sharedien offers reliably high performance for any workload. And your processes can also be easily scaled with the help of templates, business rules and automated workflows. This allows you to concentrate fully on your strategic tasks.

Automated workflows

Sharedien has a high-performance rule engine with which you can very easily and intuitively model all kinds of tasks in the system and automate them based on rules. These tasks can also be combined into entire processes - whether for the maintenance of metadata, enrichment, further processing or publishing of content.


Intelligent keywording

Repetitive manual tasks are poison for creativity and efficiency. That's why Sharedien takes over many such tasks automatically - such as the auto-tagging of image and video data. This not only saves a lot of time and nerves, but also ensures consistent keywording and terminology in the company.

Single source of truth for your digital assets

The most important thing for consistent product and brand communication is reliable and up-to-date product information and digital assets. With Sharedien, there is only one data truth that applies to everyone, all the time. Long searches for suitable material, uncertainties due to different versions, inaccurate access authorisations - all this is no longer an issue with Sharedien.


Also work effectively with external parties!

International teams are not uncommon in technology companies. This makes it all the more important to have the right set-up so that all employees involved in development and creative processes can actually be integrated into the workflows. This also applies to team members who are not employees in their own company - a central digital asset management must offer the necessary flexibility and security here.

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