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Tell stories instead of just informing. Focus on emotional and beautifully designed content instead of relying on one-dimensional product texts.

The human brain responds primarily to visual content - which means you have just a few milliseconds to draw attention to yourself. Therefore, use them wisely!


More time for convincing performances

In order to create brand messages that attract attention, arouse interest and trigger reactions, it takes time to develop new ideas. Sharedien supports communication managers by intelligently managing image and video data as well as graphics, presentations and documents. In addition, AI features such as automated tagging take over tedious manual tasks and thus direct the focus on the actual task.

More space forcreativity

Sharedien offers a unique creative platform where internal and external users can collaborate to create, edit and publish digital content. Intelligent workflows and intuitive task management establish clear processes that involve all responsible parties. In addition, integrations with Adobe Creative Cloud applications, Microsoft Office programmes and external image databases such as Shutterstock or Getty Images offer seamless and convenient work on your digital assets.


Every digital asset justa few clicks away

When creating first-class brand messages, it is important that those responsible have the right digital assets at their disposal immediately and without lengthy searches. Sharedien's intelligent metadata management links all content, campaigns, photographers, authors, agencies and designers together, so that a directly (re)usable contextual information network opens up with every click.

Always in the best light

Websites, online marketplaces, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, apps - every single output channel has its own unique requirements for permissible file formats and sizes, and new touchpoints are constantly being added. Sharedien's smart image processing relieves your marketers of the tedious work and automatically creates perfect product content for each channel.


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    What is digital customer experience?

    The reasons that lead to purchasing decisions have changed for most products. In the past, consumers had a need and either they already knew and trusted a certain brand and researched the appropriate product from the corresponding manufacturer or they turned to their trusted retailer for advice.

    Today, things like brand loyalty or an acute need play a dwindling role in global digital commerce. The situation is similar for the websites and apps of manufacturers and retailers. It is still important to present products optimally on these channels - but that is no longer enough.

    Consumers spend a lot of time every day on social media such as Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok or Pinterest. They no longer make their purchase decisions solely based on the brand, but rely on the comparison of several products on online marketplaces as well as on the reviews of other users. The flood of information ensures that they increasingly opt for the product with which they feel fully informed and confident. Especially with products such as clothing, shoes or jewellery, where the customer journey of sensory experiences such as feeling the fabrics or intensively looking at the shapes from all perspectives digitally suffers great losses, a strong visual representation is enormously important. Many manufacturers have recognised this and are increasingly relying on a whole range of different photos and also on short videos that make the products more approachable, more tangible and more tangible. This is what is meant by digital customer experience.

    What are the biggest challenges in creating digital customer experiences?

    Considering the plethora of different touchpoints, the biggest challenge is to populate each output channel in such a way that the digital customer experiences are consistent across all websites, apps, portals and social media and pay off in establishing a strong brand. Because each channel has specific rules about how digital content must be formatted and tailored, delivering appropriate digital assets today is enormously complex. And this complexity is increasing as more and more relevant channels are added.

    How do digital asset management systems help to create digital customer experiences?

    Modern DAM systems do much more than just manage digital assets. They are the necessary basis for scaling product content. They achieve this through AI features such as the automated cropping of image material for the different output channels or intelligent channel management. But digital asset management systems like Sharedien also support the creation of image, video or graphic material with digital workspaces, sophisticated task management and smart workflows. The integration of Adobe Creative Cloud applications, Microsoft Office programmes and image databases such as Getty Images or iStock also contributes to a more effective creation of product content. This saves communication managers valuable time every day, which they can invest in developing great new customer experiences.

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