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Investment security is an important issue for all companies when it comes to implementing new technologies. This is especially true for central systems that not only have to be integrated into the IT landscape, but also deeply intervene in existing core processes. In this context, decision-makers also have to ask themselves to what extent this investment can also absorb future developments.


The cloud grows withyou

With Sharedien, companies are free to choose whether they want to use their digital asset management in the private, public or hybrid cloud. The advantages of the cloud-based version lie in particular in its flexibility - regardless of whether new employees or a new business unit are involved: as a software-as-a-service, Sharedien can be expanded as desired and even intercepts large amounts of data with reliably high performance.

Economic growth

Another advantage of software-as-a-service is that companies only pay for exactly what they use - and not a cent more. This also applies to temporary additional use of performance or microservices. In addition, you save resources on issues such as maintenance, hosting and updates. This allows IT managers to focus more on strategic and organisational issues, which benefits the entire architecture.


Cloud? For sure!

The guaranteed availability of Sharedien is at least 99.9% and regular updates ensure consistently high security and data protection standards.

No matter what you have in mind - we have the right microservicefor you.

The secret behind Sharedien's unbeatable performance is its microservices. These are dedicated function modules that you can use flexibly and completely autonomously - with exactly the performance you need at the time. This allows you to design topics such as derivation, data storage management, authorisation, import or export in a completely free, cost-efficient and uncomplicated way.


Absolute flexibility

Sharedien integrates uncompromisingly into any IT architecture and enables seamless connection with neighbouring systems such as MDM/PIM, ERP, CRM, CMS, e-commerce, social media, Adobe Creative Cloud applications, Microsoft Office programmes and even external image databases such as Shutterstock or Getty Images. No matter what your e-commerce and marketing processes look like now and in the future: Sharedien supports them without ifs and buts thanks to its API-first strategy.

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    Why is scaling important for the IT environment?

    The technological basis of a company must be able to support any growth strategy. No matter whether new product ranges are added, new markets opened up or new business units established. The IT landscape must be designed to absorb the additional users, data volumes, functions, compliance and performance requirements without causing a linear increase in costs. This makes cloud-based systems ideal solutions for companies that want to be future-proof.

    To what extent can Sharedien contribute to scaling?

    Sharedien is a cloud-based digital asset management system that relies on microservices with its API-first strategy to optimally support marketing, product management and sales teams in their processes. Since requirements are never constant, but are always subject to larger and smaller fluctuations, Sharedien as a software-as-a-service always offers exactly the performance and function modules that are currently needed. In addition, companies do not have to worry about issues such as hosting, maintenance and updates, which in turn leads to further cost savings.

    Is the cloud a must?

    You can use Sharedien both as a cloud-based software-as-a-service and as a hybrid cloud solution or fixed on-premise installation. We offer you exactly the solution you need and that is right for you.

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