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Manufacturing companies, for example in the mechanical engineering sector, often offer very complex products in a competitive market.
in a competitive market - their own brand is their most important selling point.


Secure contentdelivery

Secure and transparent provision of product content is also enormously important in B2B business, as it forms the basis for traders' business processes. Sharedien therefore not only offers internal users access to digital assets at any time, but also enables secure access to images, documents and videos for partner companies and other external users thanks to defined user roles and clear permissions.

Scale your digital presence

Automated workflows and creative processes, such as the creation of different image derivatives, shorten your time-to-market and enable efficient maintenance of all output channels - no matter how many more are added in the future. With Sharedien, the manual effort remains minimal regardless of the number of touchpoints, leaving enough time for strategic and creative tasks.


Consistent brand communication

By centrally managing, maintaining and delivering your digital assets, marketers always have access to reliable and up-to-date content. Intelligent approval processes also ensure that only checked and validated content is published. This ensures consistent communication across all channels and continuously builds your brand.

Boost your Digital Commerce

Build the basis for convincing buying experiences directly in Sharedien! Product information, texts, digital assets and campaigns can be easily combined into complex content objects and played out directly in a wide variety of commerce channels.


Involve all stakeholders in a meaningful way

A multitude of different users are often involved in the creation process of image, graphic and video material, including brand management, support, sales, subsidiaries, distributors, partners. To make these processes as efficient as possible and to ensure transparent collaboration, Sharedien offers defined user access and permissions.

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