Industries: Public sector

For public bodies such as municipalities or associations, it is very important to create trust and offer absolute transparency.
Citizens expect full information and assistance on important issues.


Central availability of information

With Sharedien, public bodies have the possibility to centrally manage images, logos, videos and also documents such as forms or PDFs. If certain regulations change, all materials used can be updated in one place, so that citizens are always provided with reliable and transparent information.

Deliver answers

Citizens turn to public bodies when they have specific questions. Already in your digital channels, make sure that these questions are answered in a targeted manner and use self-explanatory images, videos and freely available documents for download. This will ensure clarity right from the start and minimise telephone or personal queries.


Create trust with consistent content

A uniform digital presence across all channels radiates competence and security. Thanks to intelligent functions and automated processes, Sharedien facilitates the simultaneous maintenance of all output channels such as websites, apps or social media. In this way, internal efforts can be kept very low and yet a great external impact can be achieved.

Automated processes

With the integrated Business Rule Engine, you can easily define and automate your intelligent processes yourself! You don't even need any special prior knowledge - the intuitive operation of the Rule Engine is self-explanatory.


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