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Creatives such as graphic designers or product photographers can work directly in the system with the content team and are thus efficiently integrated into the production processes.
and are thus efficiently integrated into the creation processes.


Transparent tracking

Changes, adaptations and comments can be transparently tracked in Sharedien at any time. This means that everyone involved always has an overview of the different versions and can also organise the release processes cleanly.

Clear user roles ensure security

Sharedien has a sophisticated authorisation and role concept that allows those responsible to determine exactly what users are allowed to see and do. This means that all these processes can be designed efficiently and without security or compliance risks.


Basis for long-term cooperation

Companies can map their individual creation and publication processes in Sharedien and include external partners in them. In addition, all participants have agile workspaces with efficient task management and team areas such as portals for collaboration where information can be exchanged. This creates effective communication as well as absolute clarity in responsibilities and workflows and thus also strengthens collaboration with internal and external team members in the long term.


Expand your content

You can easily integrate platforms such as Shutterstock, Getty Images or Adobe Stock into Sharedien and search, buy and license suitable image material. Further processing in layout software or other applications is also seamlessly possible.

Automated processes

With the integrated Business Rule Engine, you can easily define and automate your intelligent processes yourself! You don't even need any special prior knowledge - the intuitive operation of the Rule Engine is self-explanatory.


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