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Digital Asset Management (DAM) with Sharedien.

Intelligent. Convenient. Intuitive.

Anyone who regularly has to stream, upload, locate, manage, update and organise large volumes of digital assets such as pictures, documents or video files and distribute these to employees, customers, agencies or the press needs an intelligent digital asset management system. The convenient, intuitive interface makes getting to grips with Sharedien virtually effortless for any user, while the intelligent functions make it the perfect digital asset management application for any company.

A picture says more than a thousand words.

The auto-tagging function analyses your files as soon as you upload them to the Sharedien image library and assigns suitable keywords. This saves you time and helps to standardise your company’s naming conventions.

Relational asset management.

Each digital asset’s complete history is documented from the moment it is uploaded, including all edits through to the most recent version. This allows all digital content to be used and managed with maximum transparency and efficiency. It’s also possible to produce multiple versions of one and the same asset for different communication channels – ensuring the right assets end up in the right places.

Import and export structures.

With the Sharedien dam solution, you import and export not just objects but entire structures together with all the underlying information and directories. This also includes bulk imports and exports with automatic recording and reporting of metadta (EXIF, IPTC, system information) and the automatic creation of derivative files.

Locate assets quickly and simply.

The revamped search function takes you to the perfect search result in a matter of seconds, thanks to an optimum combination of elastic search, autocomplete and smart search filters, such as the hierarchical search function.

If it doesn’t fit, it’ll be made to fit.

With the auto-cropping and resizing function, you can set standardised predefined values for the resolution, cropping section and format (based on your CI guidelines, for instance). These are implemented automatically – keeping your digital assets “in the picture” at all times with no need for any additional work or image editing tools.

Bulk file management made easy.

Bulk keyword management allows you to rapidly add, categorise and manage digital assets in bulk, saving precious time and making it easier to find and share your images, videos and audio files again later when you need to.

Spot the difference.

With Sharedien, users can visually compare differences between different versions of an image at a glance by flicking between the images using a slider bar. They can also add notes and comments to images while comparing, making it far easier to manage the assets in the Sharedien image database.

Sharedien shows you.

Who uploaded, downloaded or shared which files, and when? Which keywords were used to locate assets and which groups have access? Which assets, with which data, were linked to which content? Where are/were these assets used and how frequently? Thanks to Sharedien’s integrated analytics and log functions, you always have all this information transparently at your fingertips. Analyse metadata, make use of category hierarchies and user group permissions, and harness the results to create even better content for your communication activities.

Configure things just the way you like them.

Sharedien has been built from the bottom up with the most important thing in mind: you. You can configure all of Sharedien’s many useful functions and technical settings yourself. Virtually all settings can be managed using control elements integrated directly into the system – meaning any (suitably authorised) user can configure all settings themselves regardless of which software they’re using.

Begin your free trial of Sharedien now.

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