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Digital Asset Management (DAM) with Sharedien.

A smarter DAM system

Streaming, storing, searching, managing, maintaining and organizing. Employees, customers, agencies and the press. If you work with large quantities of digital assets on a daily basis – from images to videos to documents – you need Sharedien. An intelligent and adaptable digital asset management system, Sharedien is user friendly and easy to operate. With smart features that make it the perfect solution for even the most challenging media asset management environment, Sharedien is Digital Asset Management that simply does more.

Digital Asset Management - intelligent tagging of images

With auto-tagging, your media is analyzed and tagged with suitable keywords when they are uploaded to the Sharedien image database. This saves you time when tagging assets and ensures adherence to a standardized company nomenclature. Digital Asset Management makes it possible!

Infografik mit unterschiedlichen Icons von Bildern um die Historie im Asset Management darzustellen

Everything in the Right Place - Digital Asset Management

Sharedien media asset management ensures every digital asset is stored with its history. From file upload to the most recent version, all changes and activity are documented across all processing stages for transparent and efficient content management. In addition, it is possible to create several versions of an asset (versioning), which can be used across different communication channels. This guarantees that the right assets from digital asset management "end up" in the right place. All managed content types can be set in relation to each other, for example, images with product data, SEO texts or other content can be managed, displayed and made available for versioned output in a single graphical interface. It couldn't be simpler!

Import and export with structure

With Sharedien media asset management, media is processed with its entire structure together with all underlying information and directories. This includes mass import and export with automatic readout and import of meta data (EXIF, IPTC, system information), as well as the automatic creation of derivatives. MAM can be that easy.

Infografik mit einem Gebäude und Beschriftungen um die Import- und Exportstruktur von Media Assets zu erklären
Infografik mit einem Fahrrad-Icon und einem Screenshot der DAM-Software um die Suchfunktion in Sharedien DAM vorzustellen

Digital asset management - simply find instead of spending time searching

The newly designed search function leads you to the perfect result in seconds by using Elastic Search, autocomplete and intelligent search filters. In the digital asset management application, this also includes faceted search with hierarchical structure.

For the right fit

With Sharedien digital asset management, you determine the resolution, image detail and format. With the auto-cropping and resizing function, standardized values can be predefined (e.g. according to your own CI) automatically and without any effort. This means that your digital assets are always "in the picture" - without the need for additional layout tools.

Infografik mit mehreren Icons von Bildausschnitten um die Funktion der Bildbearbeitung im Sharedien DAM darzustellen

MAM with Sharedien

Fast, faster, Sharedien. With the bulk capture of attribution values and metadata, you can capture, categorize and manage a wealth of digital assets at breakneck speed. In addition, with various inheritance scenarios, predefined attributes can be filled in automatically, saving valuable time and simplifying the handling of images, films and audio files.

It pays to compare - even with Digital Asset Management

Sharedien Digital Asset Management enables you to see the visual difference between individual versions and variants at first glance, so you can easily compare images via superimposed sliders. In addition, you can add notes and comments to images while comparing them - for even easier management of the MAM database.

Infografik mit zwei überlagerten Bildausschnitten von einem Auto, um die Vergleichsfunktion von Assets im Sharedien DAM darzustellen
Infografik mit einer großen roten Lupe, welche auf ein Dokument ausgerichtet ist, um die Suchfunktionen von Sharedien DAM darzustellen

Transparent Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management is always fraught with questions that need answers: Who uploaded, downloaded or exchanged assets with third parties, and when? Which keywords were searched for and which groups have access rights? Which asset was linked with which data and content, and where is it used? Sharedien’s analytics functions with integrated where-used lists show everything transparently and comprehensibly so you can analyze meta data, evaluate category hierarchies and their permissions for user groups, and use the results to create even better content.

Configure and administer the DAM system yourself

When we developed the Sharedien DAM system, we thought of the most important thing: you. Sharedien functions and system settings can be user-configured, with practically all settings able to be administered by all users (with administration rights) through controls directly integrated in the MAM system. You can independently carry out all configurations for Digital Asset Management with Sharedien, regardless of the software manufacturer.

Infografik mit mehreren Zahnrädern und Werkzeugen, um die Administrations- und Konfigurationsfunktionen in Sharedien DAM darzustellen
Infografik bestehend aus einem Globus-Icon und Personen-Icon sowie Abkürzungen von Ländern, um die Mehrsprachigkeit in Sharedien DAM zu beschreiben

It all depends on the speech

Sharedien speaks your language, as well as that of your employees and external partners because Sharedien is available in any language, without restrictions. This makes it possible to work together in multilingual teams, where every user can freely choose his or her preferred operating language. Simply clever, secure and unmistakable. Digital collaboration made easy.  

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