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Where are which digital assets linked to which information?
Where are they used and in which versions are they available?
With Sharedien you always keep an overview.

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The strength of Sharedien lies in its generic, flexible and high-performance data model that allows you to map and intelligently link any type of entity. Form smart relations that transform everything that currently seems to come back to your company as random, into a meaningful and transparent context. ...
The idea of all the various content elements existing separately both in terms of processes, technology, and in the minds of those involved, is in the process of breaking down. Into a meaningful and transparent context. Content is King, Context is Queen.

What is a Content Hub?

The separation of the various content elements, both in terms of processes and technology and in the minds of those involved, is in the process of breaking down. Instead, there is often only talk of content as a proxy term for texts, information, images, videos, logos, graphics and much more. Several factors are responsible for this development:

  • The points of contact between content and consumers have increased explosively. Devices, interfaces, channels - content has to work everywhere.
  • At the same time, the demands for entertaining and informative content are increasing, which makes communication development more elaborate and complex.
  • The number of people involved in the content creation process is constantly increasing and their roles and tasks are diversifying.

Single Source of Content

Thanks to Sharedien's strong integration capabilities, you can centralise all your different asset types, in order to create a single and reliable source of truth.


Content Insights

It's not just about more content, it's about insights into how it's being used. Providing dynamic analytics that provide contextual insights and trend data about the lifecycle of your content is critical to optimising asset performance and return on asset (ROA).

For unrestricted brand power

Direct access to all your content allows you to draw from the full range of product communications and focus entirely on creating unparalleled digital experiences.

Consistent presentation of your brand on different platforms

Don't miss out on the benefits of using your brand consistently

the most important results are:

  • Up to 33% increase in turnover
  • 73% of consumers view this as an important factor in the purchase decision
  • 77% of consumers buy from suppliers with similar values

With Sharedien you become a travel guide

Thanks to these intelligent relationships, you suddenly have a whole range of checkpoints along the customer journey at your disposal - use them with the help of Sharedien to actively shape this journey.

How do I know if I need a content hub?

If you work with a variety of content elements in large teams


Content Intelligence

Smart metadata and AI integration ensure uncompromised data quality when and where you need it. Every type of content use has its own data quality requirements - with Sharedien you can flexibly design, monitor and validate them for each process.

Your content - excellently presented

Sharedien ensures seamless delivery of finished content to all output channels such as websites and apps through integration with all common content management systems.


Content creation par excellence

Sharedien also relies on integration in the content creation process: the smooth connection of PIM and MDM systems completes the pool of possible content elements that can be put together in Sharedien to form a uniform and comprehensive communication.

Intelligent content workflows

The availability of content elements is one thing - the path to coherent communication can still be a challenge. Thanks to the business rule engine, intelligent workspaces and optimised review and approval processes, your marketing team gets the support it needs to give communication a strong voice.


Keep up to date with the latest news with Sharedien

From best DAM practice to current industry insights, the Sharedien blog looks at marketing and technology topics.

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    What is a Content Hub?

    A content hub is a central contact point for marketing and communication managers that manages relevant content and at the same time offers a whole range of functions that support the creation, editing and distribution process. This allows all tasks related to omnichannel marketing to be mapped and at the same time significantly increases the efficiency of content processes.

    The core of a content hub is digital asset management, i.e. the storage and management of images, photos, videos, graphics, presentations and documents. To meet the contemporary requirements of omnichannel marketing, a DAM system must also be able to map complex metadata and transparently manage image and access rights. In order for a pure DAM system to become a content hub, it must be possible to integrate additional elements such as product information and texts so that a comprehensive context can be created.

    The pure administration and linking of relevant data is completed with marketing functions, workflows and integration with applications such as Adobe InDesign or Microsoft PowerPoint. This puts the Content Hub at the heart of the entire corporate and product communication and supports product management, customer service, sales and marketing in their daily tasks.

    It also forms an intelligent linkage of data to find and organise content.

    Thanks to Sharedien's AI, intelligent relationships can be established between assets. A whole series of checkpoints are available along the customer journey. You can use these with the help of Sharedien to actively and effectively shape this customer journey.

    Which companies benefit from a content hub?

    Content hubs are designed to map a high level of complexity - both in the networking of digital assets with product information and in the mapping of marketing-relevant processes, tasks and workflows. Companies experiencing great challenges in these areas especially benefit from a content hub. These include companies with broad and/or rapidly changing product ranges as well as companies that use a large number of different output channels and strive for consistent and effective communication. But companies that serve many different markets also benefit greatly from a content hub that can be used to address the various target groups and/or regional markets.

    What are the advantages of a content hub?

    A content hub offers many advantages. On the one hand, digital content is available at a central storage location and does not have to be painstakingly collected in distributed folders in the company. On the other hand, a content hub links digital assets such as images, videos and documents with product information and other communication-relevant content via intelligent metadata and thus provides entire contexts instead of singular data. This provides marketing managers with comprehensive support in their search for relevant communication material. This not only saves a lot of time, but also ensures that content is used repeatedly and efficiently.

    The content hub brings further advantages. Defined workflows and automated processes support an efficient organisation of all processes in content creation, editing and distribution. This includes both internal and external users, so that cross-company and effective collaboration is made possible.

    What distinguishes Sharedien from other content hubs?

    The special thing about Sharedien is on the inside. The data model is built generically - this means that any type of entity can be mapped, regardless of whether it is an image, a video or a product. Detached from rigid data structures, this approach offers companies the possibility to build their data universe very flexibly and to link all entities with each other via intelligent relations. This can create context that would otherwise have remained undiscovered and every undiscovered relationship between data means lost potential. Only when it is visible how data influences each other can companies begin to use it effectively - Sharedien offers the ideal foundation for precisely this.

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