Creative automation

Creative automation gives communications managers such as marketers and design teams the space they need to collaborate creatively on content. This shifts the focus away from manual busywork and towards real-time, brand-consistent, cross-channel communication.


Mass content

A steadily growing number of output channels also demands increasing amounts of content. This is all the more true as generic content is no longer enough. Each output channel has its own requirements for the format of the content and the need for personalised information further increases the need for unique content. As a result, these challenges can no longer be met manually. The automated creation of ever new content is the prerequisite for continuous brand building.

Quick response

It is not only about meeting individual information needs at all touchpoints. The response time to emerging information needs as well as to changes in the market is also crucial for the communication success of a brand. Only with automated processes is such controlled communication across all channels possible.


Adapt once - update everywhere

It is not effective to make short-term changes and adjustments to digital content in many different places for one and the same element. Intelligent production processes enable great efficiency gains through centralised and automated processing steps.

More time for strategy

By automating time-consuming creation, editing and publishing processes around digital content, communications managers finally gain the space and time they need to further develop their marketing strategy.


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    What does creative automation mean?

    Creative automation refers to the automation of creation, editing and publication processes in product and corporate communication. Since these marketing tasks are usually very small-scale, repetitive and manually time-consuming, communication processes usually offer great potential for optimisation. Therefore, creative automation helps to drastically increase efficiency in this area and to scale digital content once it has been created in terms of the required formats and variations.

    What advantages do automated marketing processes offer?

    Automated marketing processes free communication managers from time-consuming manual and repetitive tasks and thus give them the time they need to take care of the strategic development of the brand, for example. At the same time, the probability of errors is minimised, which in turn contributes to brand consistency. The overall efficiency of marketing activities is increased, finally creating space for more creativity.

    Who benefits from automation in marketing?

    Ultimately, everyone benefits from creative automation: communication managers can devote themselves to more creative and interesting tasks and thus increase satisfaction in their daily work. Marketing managers and also the C-level benefit from the increasing efficiency of marketing processes. More budget can be used for strategically important projects. Design teams also benefit from the automation of processes, as they can focus on the creation of high-quality and unique digital content and hand over tedious tasks such as the provision of countless derivatives to the automated processes. Ultimately, the end customer also benefits from creative automation, as they are much more likely to have their information needs met as they arise.

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