Cost optimization

Communication and external presentation are enormously important for branding - but measurable success can rarely be directly attributed to investments in these areas. This makes it all the more important to establish economic processes and make the creation, editing and use of digital assets as effective and efficient as possible.


No time to lose

Sharedien manages all digital assets centrally in one system - for everyone to use at any time and from anywhere. An intuitive user interface, intelligent metadata and extensive search and filter functions support external as well as internal users in their daily work with images, videos and documents. Time-consuming searches for suitable marketing materials are now a thing of the past.


By centrally accessing existing content, images, videos and documents can be easily reused instead of generating new content over and over again. Automated editing processes, such as the creation of image derivatives, make the content available for each output channel, saving a lot of time and effort. This is how digital assets are finally used economically.


Workbetter together

Collaboration with external parties such as agencies, designers or photographers is also optimally supported by Sharedien. Intelligent workflows, clear user roles and effective task management direct the focus to the essentials: the creation of unique content.

Faster Go-to-Market

Whether it's a new marketing campaign or a product launch, Digital Asset Management gets your communication on the road quickly and effectively. This not only means a clear time advantage over the competition, but also ensures early marketing and sales development.


Fully integrated

Sharedien not only integrates seamlessly into your existing system landscape, but also integrates all common creative applications - whether Adobe InDesign or Photoshop or Microsoft Office applications: With Sharedien you can use everything directly in one system. 

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    How does Sharedien support the collaboration of creative teams?

    Sharedien offers your teams the ideal space for all marketing-related tasks. Users can set up their workspace individually and benefit from intelligent collaboration functions such as agile task planning, Kanban boards and predefined and configurable workflows for release, review and editing processes. This not only includes internal employees, but also enables collaboration with external users such as freelancers, agencies or designers. Of course, clear user roles and authorisations offer the highest security and compliance compatibility.

    Is a DAM system worthwhile at all?

    Many companies ask themselves whether the investment in a digital asset management system is worth it at all. When you consider that marketers spend an average of two hours a week searching for images, videos, graphics or presentations, it quickly becomes clear that the time savings from central content management alone justify a DAM system. Add to this the time and cost savings from optimised marketing processes, effective collaboration with internal and external users, and increased efficiency from automated processes that limit manual work to creative and strategic tasks.

    How can a DAM system increase the efficiency of all communication?

    It is clear that corporate and product communication does not consist solely of managing and providing images and videos. The digital content must also be edited, cast into forms and linked to further data such as product information. Finally, the content must somehow be brought to the various output channels. All these cross-system processes make it clear that a DAM system cannot be a self-contained technology. So in order to exploit the full potential of your communication processes, Sharedien integrates seamlessly into existing system landscapes and communicates without any problems with neighbouring solutions as well as with creative applications from the Adobe Creative Cloud, with common image databases such as Getty Images or Shutterstock and with Microsoft Office applications.

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