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Space for your automated marketing processes

With Sharedien, you set up your workspaces individually: with agile task planning, Kanban boards, predefined and freely configurable workflows for efficiency-controlled and fully automated release, review and editing processes.

Processes intelligently organised

With the integrated Business Rule Engine, you can easily define and automate your intelligent processes yourself! You don't even need any special prior knowledge - the intuitive operation of the Rule Engine is self-explanatory.


Intelligent Workspaces

Workspaces can not only be individually designed, but also intelligently tagged. The generated tags can also be transferred to templates and digital assets - thus automatically and continuously forming a data universe in which users can quickly and easily access everything they need for their work.

What are your content challenges?

Sharedien helps you solve your biggest challenges

Internal and external collaboration

Thanks to sophisticated access rights and user roles, you retain control over access to your digital assets at all times - this applies to internal employees as well as agencies, photographers, freelancers or the press.


Reliable data quality for all your assets

In line with your data governance, you can also automate the monitoring and compliance of your data quality using the Business Rule Engine. Define individual quality rules and validation mechanisms for this.

Marketing processes powered by AI

Sharedien comes with pre-trained algorithms and can also be extended with company-specific models - for the greatest possible efficiency of your marketing processes!


Autotagging of digital assets

Whether images, videos or texts: Our powerful AI automatically indexes your digital assets and thus minimises the manual administration effort!

How Artificial Intelligence Ensures Their Marketing Effectiveness

The tedious process of manually tagging digital assets can be prone to human error and lost time. It slows down the value creation for the more profitable task of tagging your assets with valuable information for search, reuse, context-based distribution.

Four important advantages

  • Visual similarity search to find related assets faster
  • Automated keywording to improve search and retrieval results
  • Maintain content consistency and brand consistency across all marketing channels. Use computer vision and NLP to detect outdated content
  • Detect logos in images, text and videos to monitor and monetise your visual content. Use visual search to find poor quality logos, non-branded materials and old watermarks.

Reliable technology partnerships

When it comes to innovation, we leave nothing to chance. That's why we work with several specialists in the AI field, such as Azure Cognitive Services, Clarifai and Imagga.

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From best DAM practice to current industry insights, the Sharedien blog looks at marketing and technology topics.

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    How does DAM support marketing processes?

    The creation and editing of content are core elements of marketing processes and are supported in digital asset management by numerous intelligent functions and workflows. On the one hand, digital content such as images, videos, presentations, photos, graphics and documents are managed centrally so that up-to-date content can be reliably accessed at any time. On the other hand, digital asset management maps many tasks related to the creation and editing of this content - from automatic tagging when uploading and cropping images for the various output channels to a wide range of retouching and the automated creation of various file formats.

    Digital Asset Management thus contributes in particular to increasing efficiency in communication processes, enables clear collaboration with effective task management and visualisation through Kanban boards with internal as well as external users and bundles central workflows around marketing and communication.

    What does content automation mean?

    Content automation refers to the automation of workflows around the creation, editing and publication of digital content such as images or videos. This increases the efficiency of marketing processes and significantly reduces manual effort - and thus also the risk of errors. One example is the automated tagging of imported images with the help of pre-trained algorithms. However, this also includes the individual design of content automation via business rules. Here, automated workflows are combined into entire processes and thus support the specific processes in corporate communication.

    What collaboration possibilities does DAM offer?

    Content creation is a task area that typically involves many different users. Product managers, marketing managers, sales and customer service staff, but also external users such as photographers, agencies or freelancers are involved in certain processes. To make collaboration as effective as possible, access to a company's digital asset management is essential. Accordingly, the system must also ensure that authorisations and responsibilities of the individual user roles are clearly defined and mapped.

    Solid systems also offer a whole range of project-supporting functions such as workspaces, task planning or Kanban boards. Commenting options as well as review and approval processes that regulate collaborative work on digital content should not be missing under any circumstances.

    How do DAM systems ensure data quality?

    Digital asset management systems offer a range of tools to ensure the quality of image, video or graphic data. Permanent monitoring, for example, can ensure that the necessary metadata is maintained cleanly and completely.

    Sharedien goes one step further and offers companies the possibility to automatically monitor and comply with very individual data governance requirements with the help of the Business Rule Engine. The automation of data quality processes becomes even more important the more different output channels are used, as each output channel has its own requirements for one and the same asset.

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