Sharedien | Now in Microsoft's Azure Marketplace & App Source

Now in Azure Marketplace & App Source

Now in Microsoft's Azure Marketplace & App Source

As of now, our digital asset management Sharedien can also be obtained as a cloud-ready solution via the Microsoft Azure Cloud and the App Source. Sharedien as a SaaS solution is located on the secure and highly available Microsoft Azure Cloud. Thanks to the symbiosis of sophisticated collaboration options, unique performance and artificial intelligence, new worlds open up with Sharedien, which makes all data globally available at all times, supports complex data structures and supplies all output channels quickly and reliably.

Advellence is steadily expanding its presence on Microsoft platforms so that customers can benefit from a cross-solution portfolio in the Azure Marketplace and App Source. As a certified Microsoft Gold Partner, Advellence has been a strong partner of Microsoft for many years.

Learn more about Sharedien now on the Azure Marketplace or in Microsoft's App Source:

Sharedien in the Azure Marketplace

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Sharedien in the Microsoft App Source

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