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Flexible System Environment.

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Sharedien ensures maximum flexibility and is always up to date thanks to its ingeniously designed architecture, supported by add-on (o. supplementary) services. Running Sharedien on the cloud (SaaS) also saves time and reduces staff and operating costs. And best of all: with 99.9% availability it’s there for you round the clock. Get more from your assets for less.

Performance tailored to your needs.

Once it’s been implemented in your system environment, Sharedien’s scalable architecture adapts to your needs as the number of users and assets grows. A few more terabytes thrown into the mix? No problem. Sharedien is easily scalable and ensures consistent high performance, even with high data volumes and worldwide distribution. That’s one of many benefits of the open, ingeniously designed architecture.

On-premises or in the cloud.

Sharedien is available in cloud (SaaS), on-premise and hybrid cloud solution versions, giving you maximum flexibility to pick an option that best suits your existing system environment or future strategy.

Pay as you go.

The cloud version (SaaS) of Sharedien can be scaled to your current needs at any time. For instance, if you need more performance (asset traffic) for a certain period – say, for the duration of a sales promotion on your website – you can simply book it on top of your normal allowance. That means you only pay for what you need and not a penny more. There are many benefits to switching to the Sharedien cloud solution (SaaS): save on the maintenance and operating costs that come with running your own infrastructure, and only pay for what you actually use.

A sure thing.

When using Sharedien as a cloud solution, at least 99.9% availability of cloud services and virtual machines is guaranteed. Making the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model an excellent choice compared with on-premise installation.

Always up to date.

Benefit from the automatic Sharedien update service, which means your employees no longer need to waste time dealing with pesky updates and can instead give their full attention to your business. Keeping your system constantly up to date – while saving you valuable resources.

Ready for the future with flexible microservices.

Sharedien is based on a microservices architecture in order to meet rising requirements in terms of agility, availability and adaptability to changing needs. Each microservice is specifically designed for its particular task (single responsibility principle) and works completely autonomously. They include functions such as derivation, data storage management, authorisation and importing/exporting. The microservice structure allows you to straightforwardly and cost efficiently add additional services as and when you need them – meaning Sharedien will remain just as flexible in future too.

Flexible and future-ready.

The flexible, open plug-in structure means that Sharedien can not only be integrated into all standard systems used today, but will also be compatible with any systems that appear in the future. Meaning you’re perfectly prepared for anything tomorrow may bring and giving you greater assurance when planning your future operations.

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