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Flexible System Environment.

Media Asset Management on point

With Sharedien, you benefit from maximum flexibility and are always up to date with a flexible architecture and additional services. If you opt for cloud-based media asset management (DAM SaaS), you can also gain the operational befits and reduce costs. And best of all, with 99.7% availability, Sharedien is available for you around the clock. Get more from your files – with minimal effort. Microservices made to measure.

Performance made to measure: Flexible microservices

Once Sharedien is implemented in your environment, you have the flexibility to adapt the solution to your evolving needs - whether it's increasing users or accommodating more. As a DAM SaaS, you can easily expand Sharedien with the same high performance and support for enormous data volumes and worldwide distribution – just one of the many advantages of our cloud-based media asset management.

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At your site or in the cloud

There are several installation options for Sharedien. With the ability to use the Media Asset Management on-premise, in the cloud or as a hybrid cloud solution, you have the flexibility to decide which solution best suits your existing environment or future strategies. On-premise, hybrid version or Media Asset Management Cloud-based: With Sharedien you have the choice!

Pay for only what you need - DAM SaaS

As a cloud solution (DAM SaaS), Sharedien can scale at any time, as needed, when you require more performance for asset traffic or simply to meet increased needs for a specific period of time. It’s simple, and with our cloud-based media asset management, you only pay for what you need - no more. Switching to a cloud solution (DAM SaaS) provides several advantages, including infrastructure savings, the elimination of maintenance and operation expenses, and the ability to only pay for what you actually use. Sharedien - a DAM system that simply has more to offer.

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Availability guaranteed

With Sharedien cloud-based media asset management, the availability of cloud services and virtual machines is guaranteed to be at least 99.7%. This makes the Software-as-a-Service (DAM SaaS) model an excellent choice for highly available, reliable Media Asset Management.

We keep your media asset management up to date

Relieve your staff of maintenance tasks and save valuable resources by taking advantage of the automatic Sharedien Update Service. This practical solution means you no longer have to worry about performing time-consuming updates and can instead focus on your business because Sharedien is always up to date, automatically.

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Microservices - fit and flexible for the future

Agile, available, up to date - with a microservices architecture, Sharedien meets all of your requirements. Each microservice is designed for its own specific technical tasks (Single Responsibility Principle) and works completely autonomously. Examples of Sharedien microservices include derivation, data storage management, authorization, import or export, and more. Book additional required services easily, simply and cost-efficiently, and always remain flexible with Media Asset Management that grows and evolves with your business.

Flexible interfaces

The open and flexible interface architecture allows you to connect today’s systems and tomorrow’s applications to future-proof your investment and business plans.

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