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Simple. Flexible. Ingenious.

Sharedien’s ingeniously designed interfaces and automated exports allow it to integrate seamlessly into all external systems such as PIMs/MDMs, ERPs, CRMs, CMSes, CDNs, e-commerce tools, social media platforms and more. This gives you complete flexibility for all your applications, allows you to respond to any conceivable e-commerce or omnichannel scenario now or in the future, and means Sharedien can be easily integrated into existing systems or adapted to any changes.

Media-neutral content for all channels.

Sharedien’s open interfaces allow it to integrate fully and seamlessly into existing third party systems such as PIMs, e commerce tools, CMSes, CDNs and more. It can also be easily expanded if new systems are integrated. Defined standards ensure quick, easy system integration. Sharedien can also be smoothly integrated into different business processes and collate (o. link together) transaction/interaction and third party data – thus helping to support ambitious, data-driven transformations.

Open to new things.

Sharedien’s open, modular architecture makes it extremely powerful, flexible and versatile. The interfaces allow the tool to be easily integrated into third party systems, while the scalable architecture can be adapted to meet the requirements that come with growing data volumes and increasing complexity. A digital asset management system without equal.

Integrate all your data stores.

Sharedien offers the only data storage solution that allows simple, integrated management of files stored in different places: whether in a central filing system, Dropbox, Azure Blob Storage or OneDrive. By integrating all these different data stores, Sharedien gives you greater flexibility and opens up options such as storing an archive in a convenient central location.

Sharedien connects.

The ingenious structure and versatile options to connect third party systems to Sharedien means it’s child’s play to integrate your existing systems – and makes it quicker and easier to operate with multiple systems.

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