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New Feature: Abo-Service

Digital transformation is fundamentally changing business environment and business processes. To meet these changes much beter, Sharedien offers the new Abo Service, which is the ideal solution with the necessary speed and high flexibility.

New assets are automatically distributed after a central release to different pre defined recipients. Recipients can be websites, which are always provided with the latest content. Or Marketing departments of globally organized branches as well as external sales partners or agencies. All recipients can be freely defined, thus ensures the greatest possible flexibility.

You need only push the button and all relevant stakeholders of the process will be informed about new assets. At the same time, the new assets are automatically distributed to the respective connected partner systems too.

Time and resources are saved by process automation and integration of different systems. Simultaneously the Abo-Service prevents that old content is available for communication as it is automatically exchanged.

Would you like to benefit from the advantages of the Abo Service or want to know more about Sharedien? Then do not hesitate and contact us immediately.

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