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Exceptional collaboration.

Seamless. Secure. Connected.

Sharedien is the perfect collaboration solution, helping different departments, offices, external service providers and partners right across the world to work together harmoniously, with shared access to information allowing the virtual teams to achieve more. The collaboration system securely and efficiently connects all users in a single central location.

Achieve more together.

The redesigned agile Sharedien workplace boasts a whole host of integrated functions that make it incredibly simple to collaborate with both internal and external users, from efficient task management to separate team areas. Thanks to these features, Sharedien is the ideal location for centralised collaboration and content creation.

Be part of the crowd.

Sharedien doesn’t just connect internal users – external users like agencies and photographers can also be invited to the collaboration system. Meaning that entire projects can be managed securely in a single central location even if they involve external partners.

It’s good to share.

For international companies, it’s critical that files are available instantly to thousands of users all over the world. With Sharedien, you can share content quickly and simply via the correct channels, whenever, wherever and with whoever you want – using a web client, mobile app or cloud version. As a result, your assets always get to where they’re needed in the shortest possible time.

Language matters.

Sharedien speaks your language – and that of your staff and external partners. It is available in multiple languages without any restrictions, enabling optimum collaboration in multilingual teams since each user can freely select their preferred operating language. Smart, secure and simple.

Maximum security.

Integrated rights management allows Sharedien users to be assigned different permissions, such as creating, viewing, modifying, approving or deleting assets. That means you have complete control over who can see which particular assets, when and where they can do so, and what precisely they are able to do with them – allowing you to achieve more without compromising security.

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