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Excellent management of licensing information

When using image data, it is important to always keep an eye on licenses and image rights. For companies with a broad product range, international campaigns and many output channels, however, this is increasingly becoming a challenge. This makes it all the more important to be able to count on digital asset management that provides reliable support even for such complex issues. 

Image data - so many more assets and formats

Companies that deal a lot with images by design know how much more there is to these assets than simply assigning them to products, services, or campaigns and varying formats, sizes, and crops. In most cases, images are sourced externally, so a lot more information is important. Until when may the image be used for which channel in which countries? Who owns the image rights and what does the license cost for which regions?

One system for all information

Without a suitable system, it is impossible to maintain an overview here. Therefore, Sharedien maps all licensing information from A to Z, which is necessary for effective and legally correct asset management. This includes license duration, price lists, contact persons, rights holders such as photographers, models, artists and agencies, regional coverage of licenses, costs by region, permitted media use and much more.

Finally a clear view of license management

Thanks to the intelligent linking of this information and the intuitive user interface, Sharedien makes it particularly easy to maintain an overview and thus avoid breaches of contract, illegal license uses and associated costly legal disputes. For each image and campaign, the user receives direct feedback on the license status - for example, if the license is about to expire or has already expired. This enables those responsible to react more quickly and proactively. The numerous filter options also generate valuable insights that can be important for campaign planning.

Active license management with Sharedien

So that companies can not only monitor but also actively take care of image licenses, users can conveniently purchase, extend and adjust licenses via Sharedien. For each license, it is possible to determine in which countries the image may be used, for how long, and for which target medium. Purchased licenses can be attached to assets and campaigns and additional information and descriptions can be added. This gives managers a complete view of the usage situation of their digital assets at all times.

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