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Content Master Data Management.

Transparent. Efficient. Central.

Sharedien allows you to keep track of everything that’s going on: where is a particular object, what information and data are associated with it, and which content is it linked to? Where is it being used and in what version? The integrated log function documents all activity in detail, giving you complete transparency and making it easier to adapt your content to any requirements.

Complex content objects make digital life easier.

Sharedien can integrate product information, text, system data and campaigns into complex content objects. This makes it incredibly simple to receive, manage and collate (o. link together) any structured or unstructured content from any external system – turning Sharedien into your central tool for content master data management.

Individual content in an instant.

Sharedien doesn’t just make content available for different processes or collaboration needs. It also automatically displays it on (o. delivers it to / o. posts it to) all selected output channels. This minimises time to market for all content and helps boost your efficiency.

Know what’s been used.

The integrated log provides a detailed overview of where your digital assets and content are being used, what relations exist between objects and what data is being used in which scenarios. Meaning you can keep track of everything that’s going on with your content at all times.

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