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Multichannel Marketing

Content Data Management

You need to know which digital assets are linked to which information. You also need to understand where are they used and in which versions they are available. With Sharedien you can because you always have an overview in Content Master Data Management. With integrated usage reports, you can access detailed documentation and benefit from complete transparency so you can better tailor your content to all multichannel marketing requirements.

Centralize information with Content Master Data Management

By integrating product information, texts, system data and campaigns, Sharedien creates "complex content objects" that allow you to easily receive, manage and relate any structured and unstructured data content from all external data management systems. With these features, Sharedien becomes your central Content Master Data Management tool for simplified Omnichannel marketing.

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Multichannel Marketing done faster

With Sharedien, your content is available for all processes and possible collaborations and automatically delivered to your output channels. From your online store to your website and social media, you can reduce your time-to-market for all content and gain back time for important strategic initiatives.

Know what is needed

Do you know where your digital content is used? The relationships between the objects? Which versions of your data are available and on which platforms? With Sharedien integrated usage reports you get exactly the overview you need for your content marketing – giving you a complete view of your content and unparalleled control.

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