Cognizant Europe new GSI partner for Sharedien, the Swiss Made DAM

We are pleased to partner with Cognizant and join forces for a sustainable and robust digital asset management implementation for our joint customers.

Cognizant Europe new GSI partner for Sharedien, the Swiss Made DAM

As DAM specialists and with an extensively trained Cognizant team on Sharedien, we optimally cover individual customer requirements from consulting, development and integration of Sharedien. Our goal is to provide our clients with a compelling digital asset management solution that grows with the business and increases end-user engagement.

About Cognizant

Cognizant is a leading services and consulting firm that transforms clients' business, operational and technology models for the digital era. Its specialised industry-based consulting approach helps clients build and run a more innovative and efficient business.

About Sharedien

FREE YOUR CONTENT. The fastest, smartest and first cloud-native content hub in the world.

Sharedien unites what belongs together and offers access to all content elements, powerful and automated processes at top speed and a unique user experience for all.

A DAM system with brains. Streaming, storing, searching, managing, maintaining, organising - anyone who works with large quantities of digital assets such as images, videos or documents on a daily basis or who has to forward them to employees, customers, agencies and the press needs it.

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