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Turn on autopilot

Automation provides the boost for your business processes

Working on and with digital assets is often very small-scale and repetitive, which often leads to resources being tied up too much in basic tasks. Thanks to Sharedien’s powerful rule engine, such workflows can be automated and employees have their hands and heads free for more creative problems. 

Let the technology work for you

With innovative features and the Rule Engine, Sharedien supports companies in all processes related to the maintenance and enrichment of content. This can shorten the go-to-market, make employees' working hours more efficient and reduce the frequency of errors in repetitive tasks. However, not only individual tasks, but also entire processes can be automated in this way. Once the central workflows have been identified and translated into rules accordingly, the system can take over from there. Whether maintaining metadata, enriching, processing, or publishing content, automated workflows reduce the need for human intervention to a minimum.

Quality always under control

Automated processes can also be transferred to validation tasks, which are particularly important in the context of quality assurance. Especially when it comes to the company's communication, continuous checking of assets against defined quality rules is important - but data entry must also already follow the defined target quality with corresponding rules. Thanks to the rule engine, improvements can be initiated directly by the system itself or a responsible person can be notified when problems arise or approval is required.

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